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In honor of the centennial of the publication of Luigi Russolo's manifesto "The Art of Noises," Zorïn (of Entre Vifs/Le Syndicat) contacted a number of specifically chosen artists to contribute to this compilation for Influencing Machine Records. The legacy of Russolo's contribution to music is apparent in the diverse tracks presented here by the following six artists:

Le Syndicat (FRA)
Tommi Keränen (FIN)
Government Alpha (JAP)
Rodger Stella (USA)
Lasse Marhaug (NOR)
Entre Vifs (FRA)

$13 USA


$20 USA

LE SYNDICAT "30 Years of Excess) 6xCS boxset + BRUITISME
$55 USA

PAYPAL: influencing{dot}machine{at}yahoo{dot}com

Now accepting orders for Le Syndicat "30 Years of Excess" 6 x CS box set

 photo 2ecaa82b-6fba-4a39-a9d1-5df4066eaeb9_zps1f17c1e9.jpg

The first Le Syndicat performance took place in Paris in 1982 and was followed by a handful of tape releases. At that time, the trajectory that this project would take was unclear as Le Syndicat’s earliest work eschewed boundaries and constraints--a trait that permeates Le Syndicat's entire catalog. As is true with most great artists and musicians in their formative years, the minds behind that early incarnation of the project were unconcerned with leaving behind a legacy or radically altering the terrain of experimental, industrial, noise, and electronic music. The 30 years that have passed since that time have proven, however, that Le Syndicat has had a profound influence upon the aural, visual, and conceptual aesthetics of each of those genres. 

 photo 81cc1cf8-1c98-43a8-9a26-89cf7383c493_zps2a0a60a2.jpg

In honor of Le Syndicat’s contribution, Influencing Machine will be releasing a six-tape box set entitled “30 Years of Excess.” This release will commemorate the three decades of Le Syndicat by reissuing some of the earliest and most elusive of the group’s tapes—none of which have been previously reissued. Each of these recordings has been mastered from the original source tapes by Ruelgo himself and will each feature the artwork and graphic design of longtime collaborator Zorïn.

 photo 14664671-afdf-4429-8476-e711ebc5566c_zps833b4b7e.jpg

The following recordings will be included in “30 Years of Excess”:
Phase Segments/Boucles - 1982
Tot Mortar - 1983
Audiostatik Repress - 1983
Vagynaestetatis - 1985
Staying Alive - 1985
L'Arme De Force – 1986

 photo b5c74a59-6f0f-4c75-a6ac-b35e9b39a23f_zps1c9f72c5.jpg These six C-60 tapes come packaged in a handpainted box adorned with stenciled Le Syndicat Lorraine cross logo and accompanied by a 16 page booklet with artwork by Zorïn.

Price: $50 in the United States
$65 rest of the world

PAYPAL to: influencing{dot}machine{at}yahoo{dot}com

Note: Due to space constraints, I am assembling the boxes to order. Therefore, I am waiting approximately 2-3 weeks to ship the first batch of orders. For orders placed during this time, I am including a free copy of Le Syndicat side project Entre Vifs’ “Heavy Duty” CD reissue. Also, with purchase of Le Syndicat box, add any of the following tapes for an additional $5:
Theta “Scire”
Sshe Retina Stimulants “Gorgeous Primitivism of Quartz Satellites”
Dajjal “Ur”
Hollow Bush “Phase IV”

Official Distributors:

Lust Vessel (exclusive distribution in Japan)
Self Abuse


 photo 5ad8ce73-f914-465d-afff-4c69acb024dd_zps6c1eb94d.jpg

While Influencing Machine is not generally disposed to releasing tapes in “batches,” this particular set of tapes is sonically and conceptually well-suited for simultaneous release. Each of these artists uses similar means – a battery of dense, heavy electronics – but to sharply distinctive ends. Each release consists of entirely new material by the artists and all were pro-dubbed onto cobalt tape.

SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS “Gorgeous Primitivism from Quartz Satellites” [C-30] - Mature work from a master of his craft. Sshe Retina Stimulants delivers a 30 minute tape of meditative and morose electronics. The discordant majesty of solitude. Intense and brittle, contemplative and solemn. Sounds isolated from the world around them spiraling in and out of orbit. [Influencing Machine 03]

DAJJAL “Ur” [C-60 (single sided)] – The third cassette by this promising new voice in industrial music. As one temple is razed, another rises; the nervous system now complete. Birth pangs of the inorganic engineered conqueror. Gamma, Delta, Epsilon. [Influencing Machine 05]

HOLLOW BUSH “Phase IV” [C-72] - First release of new material in 4 years by Rodger Stella and Bryan Martin. Recorded in August 2012, this tape consists of over 70 minutes of ceaseless orchestrated electronic chaos depicting a damaged future careening off course. Sequential illumination of dystopian twilight. Terrestrial motion toward the celestial corridor. [Influencing Machine 06]

$9 each ppd in the US or $18 for all 3 tapes
Contact for international shipping rates


MACRONYMPHA LOGO T-shirt (Last few shirts, available only in M and L)
ENTRE VIFS “Heavy Duty” CD
THETA “Scire” Tape

3 new tapes + ENTRE VIFS CD = $26 ppd in US
3 new tapes + THETA tape = $23 ppd in US
3 new tapes + ENTRE VIFS + THETA = $30 ppd in US

LE SYNDICAT “30 Years of Excess” 6 x C-60 Box set is in production now. Should be available in 1 – 2 months. 

INFLUENCING MACHINE 04: RODGER STELLA “Foucault Zombie” Tour Edition cassette

stella tape resized
Influencing Machine produced a limited run of these C-52 tapes for the Rodger Stella performances in California that took place last month. I still have a handful of them left. Note that this is an entirely different recording of the “Foucault Zombie” material than is featured on the Gods of Tundra LP. Stella originally did the longer version featured on this tape; however, in order to reduce it to a suitable LP length, he completely re-recorded it rather than simply editing it. The various movements within the track are better served by the expansive subtlety of the transitions in this longer recording which was only previously released as a rare Mutter Wild CDr. For those unfamiliar with it, the “Foucault Zombie” material is among the most intriguing and fully realized in Stella’s catalog. Like much of his best work, it is cerebral without being academic and challenging, but never tedious. This is a highly complex and composed work that reflects and merges Stella’s ongoing preoccupation with archetypal electronic sounds, science fiction aesthetics, and heavy psychedelia. Sounds struggle to align themselves with the structure surrounding them, yet continually spiral in and out of orbit to disorienting and mesmerizing effect. 



Friday October 19 2012
9:30 PM
Rodger Stella
Demon Face
Jessica Rylan
Thomas Dimuzio
Shroud Opaque

3957 San Leandro St.
Oakland CA


Saturday October 20 2012
Early show
Rodger Stella
R. Jencks
Bren't Lewiis Ensemble

Hemlock Tavern
1131 Pols St. @ Post
San Francisco CA


Tuesday October 23 2012
Rodger Stella/Sharkiface live collaboration
more info tba

Lewcid Joosebox
Oakland CA


Friday October 26 2012
Rodger Stella
more info tba

Los Angeles CA


Saturday October 27 2012
Rodger Stella
more info tba

Los Angeles CA

Out Now. Influencing Machine 02: ENTRE VIFS "Heavy Duty" CD

EntreVifscover4 Entre Vifs, the sound of creation/destruction...the purest noise around. Scraping, dragging, sawing, crunching noise. Entre Vifs were, to me, the epitome of noise in the late 1980's/early 90's and this is the most chaotic and raw of their three major releases. Of all the noise I've listened to, Entre Vifs is perhaps the only group who directly influenced my sound and technique. This is forward moving, fast paced and constantly changing noise. "Heavy Duty" revels in the sound of destruction, the tonal landscape collapsing in on itself and rebuilding in explosions of sound. It brings to mind an image of a building being concurrently raised and destroyed while jackhammers and machine guns compete for sonic dominance. If you love noise then you really need this in your ears. Your moral sharpening begins now! - RODGER STELLA (MACRONYMPHA, HOLLOW BUSH, ETC)

Originally released in 1989 by Cthulhu Records, Entre Vifs' debut tape remains a crucial release in the canon of Industrial/Noise. Led by Zorin (musician and visual propagandist in the legendary Le Syndicat), Entre Vifs created chaotic roars of noise with hand designed instruments resulting in one of the most distinctive sounding projects of that era. Influencing Machine is honored to present a new CD version so that this classic release can be available once more. Packaged in Digipack case featuring artwork/design by Zorin and includes a 4 panel insert.

$13 ppd in U.S.
$18 ppd World
* Add Theta "Scire" tape for $5 ppd


HOLLOW BUSH "Laura Dern in the House of Blue Light" LP (featuring previously unreleased material)
HOLLOW BUSH "The Harmonic Module Revealed" LP
SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Gorgeous Primitivism from Quartz Satellites" C-30 Tape

THETA "Scire" C-60 OUT NOW.

Theta-outerSAMPLE Now widely disseminated, the spores of entropic dominion germinate and explode into blossoms of decay. Virulent roots grow deeper underfoot further destabilizing and eroding the landscape. Concrete and steel. Silicon and light. Solar expansion and contraction written into orgiastic spikes of ionic current. Theta reflects these dissolutive processes through electronics, guitars, tapes, and junk metal that coalesce into 60 minutes of hallucinatory industrial noise. “Scire” was recorded live to cassette in the summer of 2011. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes copied directly from the analog tape masters.

$7 ppd in U.S.
$11 ppd worldwide

-ENTRE VIFS "Heavy Duty" CD
-HOLLOW BUSH "Laura Dern in the House of Blue Light" LP